Technology Sales/Account Management to work remotely.

Compensation: $15/hour plus 5% commission plus 5% ressidual.
Employment type: part-time (29 hours a week).
Telecommuting ok.
Choose your own schedule.


We are an artificial intelligence lead generation agency, founded in 2010. Our clients have a large advertising budget and they are big companies and smaller companies. We provide lead generation services, social media management, and creative services to these clients and are now expanding into all metro areas.

In effect, our agency has become a tech startup, with a cloud-based product that accepts new clients. The product has been through several releases and been used successfully by more than a dozen proof-of-concept accounts. In the sudden context of the Covid19 crisis, we feel our product can provide excellent value to businesses facing increased demand for virtual connections, b2b, and direct-to-consumer content. We have a good story to tell and need a skilled voice to tell it.


We are seeking a new team member with both sales and account management skills. This position will begin as a freelance, part-time, work-from-home position and will hopefully transition into a full-time job based on what happens in the following months (i.e. when in-person presentations can resume and how demand is affected by the local economy). We are a team of flexible workers, many of whom are also artists or writers, and our schedule can accommodate people with other talents.

This is a sales position. It will be supported by our technology. The successful candidate must be comfortable with inbound calls, texts, and emails from prospects as well as outbound cold calls to follow up on mailings or indications of interest. Once an account is on-boarded, you will remain as a point person with the new account as other team members provide support and services.

We can provide a fixed weekly salary as well as sales commission; please keep in mind that these are not big accounts and will not be doing big spending. The longer-term opportunity here is to be a part of a small team that brings users to a growing software platform that could be sold to a larger organization. Our entire team will participate in any success.


A qualified candidate MUST have prior experience talking to managers, CEOs, and business owners. An understanding of the local landscape is first and foremost, as the accounts we are hoping to discover are local businesses. These organizations are in upheaval and we hope to provide them with low-cost marketing tools.

You need a computer and a smartphone.

Please provide your resume AND COVER LETTER detailing your knowledge of the local businesses in your metro area. Also, please include this job application

E-book explaining our services:

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Minimum Income:

4 sales a month or 48 sales a year minimum.

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Why AI Potent Leads works so well?

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