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How do Potent leads work?

AI Potent leads is a simulation of human intelligence and as such it follows the best marketing practices to acquire the clients. (See the first video in the home page)

Which search engines do Potent Leads use?

All of them, Google of course, Bing, Yahoo, etc. especially if the target audience is overseas like Asia, Europe, etc.

What information will they provide the client?

All legally available, name, phone numbers, emails, profiles, picture, etc.

Are the leads qualified?


Will the leads contact the client automatically or do we contact the leads?

Because AI Potent Leads is so powerful most of the prospects will contact the business via text, phone calls, text, social media, etc.

Who owns Potent Leads?

AI Potent Leads, Artificial Intelligence Service and Engineering Operations is family owned and operated.

What is the inventor’s background/qualification?

James Mendez is the creator of this technology, a qualified electronic and computer engineer who retired from IBM.

Are potent leads unique and protected via AI Proprietary Ownership?

Yes. The leads are unique and generated for your business, never shared.

How many leads will Potent Leads supply during the trial period of 10 days?

103 to 500 Leads

What is the minimal quantity Potent Leads will supply once the main campaign begins?

412 to 2,150 Leads

How long is the contract?

Month to month.

What is the cost of the trial and main campaign?

0, the deposit is credited to the cost of the service.

Will the campaign change or alter the SEO or the client’s brand online in any way?


Will Potent Leads refund the client’s fee if the minimum quantity is not provided over 90 days?


How do Potent Leads differ from other so-called AI products on the market?

These Programs  are useful however none of them operate anywhere near the same way as Potent Leads. They cannot improve on their own or learn from the market. They are nice tools and as such require the tool operator to work them. 

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  1. Artificial Intelligence, Service and Engineering Operations have been an incredible resource for my business. They have done everything from design, development, client acquisition, strategy, and implementation. I’m very grateful for their entire team who are specialists in their own trade/category and then work together to execute a plan built for you specifically as a team. Marketing can be very confusing, especially because there is so much bad information out there! Don’t just hire a “marketing guy” if you need a professional marketing team. When you hire AISEO you are hiring an entire marketing team who is insightful, knowledgeable and the best in the industry. Stick to what you do best and let them do what they do best, which is to get you your clients. Thank you to you, James and Team!

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