Client’s testimonials

  • Aaron D on Contact us: “Artificial Intelligence has been great for our small business. The leads that come in are great in quality and come in at a pretty consistent rate. We love that the calls come directly to us and how easy their online system works. All the details are recorded and maintained in an organized and simple to use way. Potent Leads also provides superior customer service. They are extremely fair when it comes to price. We've never had any issues getting the service and quality we want. We are extremely satisfied and can't wait to expand our business with them!Feb 26, 21:48
  • Anton S. on In the Age of AI: “Please accept this letter as a strong recommendation of the professionalism, expertise, talent, and dedication of Artificial Intelligence Service and Engineering Operations. We hired Potent Leads in August and actively began working on our project immediately. Within two weeks of our first client closed they provided us with excellent prospects and within two months we went from an antiquated system to a very proactive fastpaced results-oriented organization.Feb 25, 21:12
  • Ina W on In the Age of AI: “I was thoroughly impressed by you and your team’s ability to think both quickly and out of the box at the same time. We’ve been thrilled with the results of our campaign and after only 3 months, your campaign began generating significant ROI.Feb 24, 23:33
  • John H. on In the Age of AI: “Great service! Super high-quality leads! Keep it up! 🙂Feb 24, 10:28
  • William S. H. on Client’s testimonials: “Wow, what incredible service! At first, I was a little doubtful, having signed up with companies before that just took your money and produced little, but Artificial Intelligence Service and Engineering Operations showed me immediate results. Three days later, clients start appearing like magic. Customer Support is fantastic. The setup process was hands-free for me. My Support Engineer, James, was patient and extremely knowledgeable. He took the time to explain every single detail. If you want a seamless, professional, caring service, you have to try potent leads. So far, I love everything about AISEO, and I wholeheartedly recommend this company! Feb 23, 07:27
  • Steve M. on Prices: “If you're looking for new clients... it is nearly impossible to find a legit and trustworthy service that takes pride and ownership in the quality they provide. Artificial intelligence services and engineering operations are absolute exceptions! They made our dilemma the easiest experience we've ever gone through. They understand what the client needs and that is a reflection of their business. Customer service may be dead this day and age... but well and alive in Potent Leads. THANK YOU, for the amazing experience!Feb 21, 17:28
  • Kira S. on Contact us: “As my business grew and time became an issue, I started looking for a service to outsource the majority of my client acquisition needs. As you may imagine – I got bombarded with unsolicited emails and relentless phone calls from all over. Still, I didn’t feel right. Potent Leads wasn’t referred to me. In fact – I didn’t know anything about them besides what was available online. Still, something made me feel like they are professional, hard-working and honest people. Besides getting a fair deal these were the qualities I was after. I decided to take a leap of faith and bank in the first payment. And, I’m glad I did. Even though after more than a half-year we’ve been collaborating we still haven’t physically met, I feel like I have someone in my team. Someone I can ask for honest advice. Someone I can rely on. Someone who truly cares and understands lifetime customer value and is willing to go the extra mile if necessary. In fact, now we are working to capacity now. Don’t hesitate – give AISEO a chance to earn your business and I’m certain you’ll be convinced.Feb 21, 06:16
  • Larry S on Contact us: “We hired Potent Leads to scale our sales capabilities as fast as possible to deliver a very aggressive sales plan. The results were fast and furious. AISEO team helped us create millions of dollars worth of viable opportunities in a few short months. They also refined and clarified our value proposition, sales messaging and approach to initial prospect conversations. I’ve never seen a lead generation company work as a true business partner. It’s been a great experience and we see a lot of new business coming from their efforts.Feb 20, 11:40
  • Xavier B. on Better Business Bureau®: “AISEO started generating customers for us with their scientific approach and artificial intelligence the results they have achieved made it an easy decision for us to handover the management of our numerous other digital channels replacing paid search, paid social and YouTube.Feb 18, 21:48
  • Vincent N. on Contact us: “We have been very impressed with the Potent Leads approach to client acquisition. They have also given us exceptional insights into new trends in what is an ever-changing field. We feel that they have an in-depth knowledge of internet savvy, which is immediately apparent and they give exceptional insights into what is undoubtedly an ever-changing field. We found that their enthusiasm is matched only by their level of expertise.Feb 18, 18:55
  • Ronald J. on Contact us: “Artificial Intelligence, Service and Operations Engineering is everything I’d hoped for and more. I was really impressed with their lightening quick understanding of our company brand and ability to produce original, clever and meaningful connections every day. They are brilliant at transforming our ideas into great clients. We are now reaching a bigger audience with a more positive, engaging system. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by using the Potent Leads System.Feb 18, 13:55
  • Stephen A. on Contact us: “Identifying or finding the best lead generation service could be challenging, you can simply ask any business. But for individual professional or small business seeking customers, oftentimes, it requires a critical look because so many "services" do not deliver. Potent leads have earned my business for good!Feb 18, 09:06
  • Winston T. on Help wanted!: “Through Potent Leads we learned the true value of proper social media management and the value that can be added directly to your bottom line through; target marketing, custom campaigns, and attention to detail that is unmatched. Artificial Intelligence, Service and Engineering Operations are responsible for our revived social media presence. I highly recommend this company. Their talent and technology are worth every penny!Feb 17, 23:43
  • Concepcion Hellyer on Free trial for serious customers only!: “It has been a real pleasure working with AISEO for the past eight years. They are highly professional business people and have been a great problem solver with my company whenever we have brainstormed. The staff is well trained and they have helped us tremendously over the years. I highly recommend this company.Feb 17, 16:33
  • Zach Garret on Free trial for serious customers only!: “I have personally known James for almost 20 years. He is a professional in his field of computer science. Artificial Intelligence has been a tremendous asset to our agency with their digital services - but more importantly - their knowledge. It is nearly impossible to keep up with all the digital products offered, how they should be integrated into your business and what exactly you need or not need. That's why we depend heavily on- AI Services and Engineering Operations to keep us abreast of new products, services and how they can help us better serve our clients. Besides, they do first-class AI services. They will critique your current systems and make recommendations – even going as far as to send over several examples, templates, and ideas. AISEO has never “oversold” any of our clients’ digital products that they do not need in their advertising and marketing efforts. Give them an opportunity. You’ll be very happy with their services, you will learn a lot and you will have a lot more confidence in your digital presence in the market.Feb 17, 14:06
  • Mark on Better Business Bureau®: “James Mendez is great at under promising and over delivering his promised unlimited qualified leads that buy/talk in record time so you can results within a few days to a week. He also provides excellent customer service and accommodates for any special request from his clients for privacy, delivery of results or anything else specified by individual clients. I can fully recommend him to anyone worldwide who is looking for more economic and all encompassing unlimited qualified lead generation.Feb 16, 21:02
  • Marci on Better Business Bureau®: “I have been using this service and it has increased my targeted leads substantially. I am gaining much interest in my services that are turning into customers effortlessly. Before this, I was tirelessly keeping up with social media which was eating up my energy and valuable time. I had spent A LOT of $$ on advertising to see a minimum ROI. This AI service is giving me my time back and increasing my ROI with little effort. Stay tuned for updates. Thank you Potent Leads. The first week after AISEO. Feb 16, 20:52
  • Robert H. on Free trial for serious customers only!: “Artificial Intelligence, Service and Engineering Operations have been an incredible resource for my business. They have done everything from design, development, client acquisition, strategy, and implementation. I'm very grateful for their entire team who are specialists in their own trade/category and then work together to execute a plan built for you specifically as a team. Marketing can be very confusing, especially because there is so much bad information out there! Don't just hire a "marketing guy” if you need a professional marketing team. When you hire AISEO you are hiring an entire marketing team who is insightful, knowledgeable and the best in the industry. Stick to what you do best and let them do what they do best, which is to get you your clients. Thank you to you, James and Team!Feb 14, 05:00
  • Anthony Gary on Free trial for serious customers only!: “I just started this trial and I am already blown away! If this is all it does, I am in.Feb 13, 17:39
  • KRenoswign on Free trial for serious customers only!: “Potent leads is a true strategic partner and extension of our sales teams. They have helped us penetrate many new accounts and close significant business over the last few years. They have great customer service, project management and the ability to learn our industry and vertical solutions. It is a pleasure to work with them and our sales teams see the true value in the clients they generate. I highly recommend Artificial Intelligence Services based on their quality of deliverable sales opportunities and their thought leadership in the technology demand creation space.Feb 13, 16:38
  • Danielle C. on Free trial for serious customers only!: “After looking at several companies to do appointment setting for us, we chose AI. Despite the complexity and diversity of our offerings, AI grasped the solutions and key messages and ran with it, delivering the clients they committed to along the way. They are a team of professionals that deliver results.Feb 13, 14:34
  • Jamal Dange on Free trial for serious customers only!: “Potent Leads work for us has made a significant difference to our business. We’ve seen a 425% increase in quote requests from the website which has been pretty remarkable – but I’d always like to see more!Feb 12, 22:57
  • Reese on Free trial for serious customers only!: “When it comes to digital marketing there are loads of offers that talk good, but Potent Leads help you make it happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the ability to exploit the internet. It’s engaging customers and industry alike and bringing our new business great results.Feb 12, 14:23
  • Jim Nash on Free trial for serious customers only!: “Hi there, You have done a fantastic job. I'll certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this site.Feb 11, 12:13
  • Stamped Concrete on Better Business Bureau®: “The best service, ever!Feb 10, 22:31
  • Logan on Better Business Bureau®: “It's end of the day, except before ending I am reading this fantastic page to improve my know-how. I do recommend potent leads to all my friends!Feb 10, 12:44
  • Lea Barge on Better Business Bureau®: “Your business has certainly offered me with simply the service that I actually needed. I have recently been carrying out study upon this matter for a while, and this has taken a very long while to discover a website that provides all of the service I require. I just started my business and enjoy an excellent service.Feb 10, 11:35
  • Parbrize Daewoo on Better Business Bureau®: “Our online ordering has increased about 4x in the past 3–4 months and AISEO has made it easier and more efficient to get orders through. It fits right into the operational flow.Feb 10, 02:46

Miriam R.
: “This fantastic company provides quality customers and works closely with its customers to understand the needs of our enterprise. They take the time to listen to your individualized needs and configure their work in such a way that others can benefit from any changes made in their system. No one at Potent Leads is a pushy salesman who is only concerned with its bottom dollar; they are genuinely a sincere group of dedicated, reliable, understanding, and motivated efficient innovators who continuously push the boundaries with new ideas, technology, and business planning that benefits any business.”

Jack A.
:”I reached out to James because I was having a little marketing issue. I did some radio and TV advertising and some direct mailer and I wasn’t happy with my results. I met with James and I was really blown away. The first day that our campaign went live I had a warm lead that actually converted. Just very pleased with the service and the expertise that I received from Potent Leads.”

Aaron J.
:”Since retaining with Potent Leads I have stopped all my other marketing, including Money Mailer and Google Ads. Potent Leads delivers me all the leads I need at a very fair cost per lead all within the zip codes I target.”

Terry H.
:”We were searching for a lead generation firm that understood our industry, and we found this in Potent Leads. Their month-to-month approach does not lock you into any long-term contract, so it was a no brainer for us. The software integration into our team was seamless. But more importantly, we are very happy with their professionalism in dealing with our prospects. In fact, many of our clients we get in touch with are so impressed with the system, and they think that they are in our office and a part of our team full time. In just three months, we closed over $75k in new business, and the leads continuously keep coming.”

Jonathan S.
:”I have been working with Potent Leads on multiple corporate-sponsored campaigns since 2014 and consider them a valued partner in our marketing/lead generation programs. Especially for us, one of their best attributes is a demonstrated willingness to work within the framework of our specific needs in this very dynamic environment. What’s more, they are exceptionally responsive and professional in dealing with us and our agents on a regular basis, and I would highly recommend considering Potent Leads to other organizations acquiring these services.”

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  1. Wow, what incredible service! At first, I was a little doubtful, having signed up with companies before that just took your money and produced little, but Artificial Intelligence Service and Engineering Operations showed me immediate results. Three days later, clients start appearing like magic. Customer Support is fantastic. The setup process was hands-free for me. My Support Engineer, James, was patient and extremely knowledgeable. He took the time to explain every single detail. If you want a seamless, professional, caring service, you have to try potent leads. So far, I love everything about AISEO, and I wholeheartedly recommend this company!

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