How does Potent Leads’ AI generate clients for you?

Potent Leads is an Artificial Intelligence platform that was designed to simplify the process of building genuine excitement for your product or service. We bring you clients who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

Today there is an ever-expanding universe of ways to interact with clients, from email to social media to news to websites, the list never ends.

Just as humans can access all of these sites and platforms, AI can use them to interface with individuals from all backgrounds and all walks of life that fit your profile and begin a conversation that leads to curiosity.

In configuring the system we learn the factors that are most important to you. Geographic area, demographics: age, marital status, financial situation, priorities, problems, business size, the options are virtually endless which you can tailor the system to find for you.

Why is Potent Leads’ AI system a better partner?

Consider the two traditional ways of building a client base.

Typical lead generation involves getting people to enter information on your landing page, one out of a dozen or so they’ve entered their information on, and then the race is on to determine if there is actual interest and see who can get to them first.

That old way of doing things has become so stale that people have stopped entering their legitimate information and are more and more wary of how many phone calls they will get to sell them something they don’t want anymore.

Telephone Rotary Yellow Dial Cold Calling is a hit and miss method that requires a huge list of phone numbers and email addresses that auto dialers call over and over again until you find that one out of 1000, that rare individual who might be willing to talk.

Then you have to get them to commit to a conversation, but the chances of them showing up for that conversation is another metric that is even harder to pin down.

The point is the old ways work sometimes, but they are laborious and time-consuming.

Potent Leads’ AI initiates contact with them based on the parameters you set, and then the conversations begin.

The conversation is designed to determine if there is a legitimate desire to proceed. As the conversation develops, the level of interest grows to the point where they are ready to call you or they ask you to call them. You have piqued their interest without ever having to pick up the phone or email them. When they are ready, when they have questions to ask, they are willing to set aside time to discuss their needs and are interested in how you can help them.

We can target any type of client in any vertical based on the criteria that you set.

The AI system would send out specific messages that are aligned with your needs to build interest and then motivate them to reach out to you to discuss further, eliminating the need to cold call or do manual outreach.

We can provide the contacts to you once a level of interest has been determined and they can then be automatically delivered to you to close the deal.

The big advantage is that rather than competing with other sellers, the clients know you and have developed a level of trust in you as a person, they actually want to deal with you.

Wouldn’t you prefer a client who wants to deal with you directly?

Let Potent Leads do the work of creating the connections for you.

We can build a strong network of potential buyers who are ready to have you help them solve their problems!

If you don’t have clients reaching out to you, you don’t pay a penny.

Once you have seen how well the system will work for you, the opportunities are endless.

There is no limit to the numbers of leads that AI can generate for you while working in the background 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on your behalf.

Contact us today to get started.

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